Scratchpaper Recommended Links [Ed. 0017 / Investing & Entrepreneurship]

Latest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship, Business & Communication, including a ton of the key stuff that has been written on all the crowdfunding nuttiness recently.  Enjoy.

Angel Investing

  • Some thoughts on startup crowdfunding (Chris Dixon)
  • A VC: Leading vs Following (Wilson / AVC)
  • Is @AngelList Syndicates Really Such a Big Deal? (Suster / Both Sides of the Table)
  • AngelList Syndicates Will Also Pit Angel Against Angel (HunterWalk)
  • Law Opens Financing of Start-Ups to Crowds (NYTimes)
  • S.E.C. Advances New JOBS Act Rule, but Not Crowdfunding (NYTimes)
  • New Rules Break Down the Walls for New Angel Investors (WSJ)
  • Why You Need To Pay Attention To General Solicitation (TechCrunch)
  • The future of ‘demo days’ in an era of general solicitation (Fortune)
  • AngelList raises $24 million at a heavenly valuation (Fortune)
  • Day traders, angels and venture capital: The internet changes everything, including money (GigaOM)
  • AngelList Beefs Up Syndicates With New Backers Model, Lets Accelerators Raise Funding Too (TechCrunch)
  • If Crowdfunding is the New Day Trading, Look Out (Harvard Business Review)


  • There is Little to No Relationship Between Financial Runway and Startup Success (CBInsights)
  • 6 Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Business (Mashable)
  • Meet Grove, Sequoia Capital’s New Startup Events And How-To Content Hub (TechCrunch)
  • The Danger And Opportunity Of The Intermediate Metric (TechCrunch)


  • 5 secrets that will help you master conversation skills (Bakadesuyo)

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