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Internet Social CrowdLatest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Internet, IOT, Social Networking, Crowdsourcing, and Cybersecurity, including items on Facebook’s plan to conquer the world, whether the internet of things is the beginning or the end of the world and whether Google+ matters. Enjoy.

Internet / IoT

  • Box and Dropbox brace for impact of Amazon’s new Zocalo document collaboration tool
  • Time Warner Cable bets big on easy and secure Wi-Fi, rolling out Hotspot 2.0 networkwide
  • Mobile made frenemies out of everyone and the internet of things will make it worse
  • Facebook’s Plan to Conquer the World — With Crappy Phones and Bad Networks
  • The Most Powerful Sales Tool at Lowe’s: Satellites
  • Wireless System Could Offer a Private Fast Lane
  • Wikipedia vs. the Small Screen
  • State of the Internet: Still Growing but More Mobile Than Ever
  • Some Predictions About the Internet of Things and Wearable Tech From Pew Research
  • The Internet tsunami: 8 big insights on what it disrupts next
  • If Comcast gets TWC, three out of four Americans could get a broadband cap
  • With $80 Million in New Capital, Quora Still Has No Business Model
  • Internet companies’ growing ambitions spook 51 percent of Americans
  • “Internet of Things” is the new Windows XP—malware’s favorite target
  • The Tech Bubble’s Silver Lining: Cheap Services for Everyone
  • Google Flu Trends: The Limits of Big Data
  • What if Netflix switched to P2P for video streaming?
  • Will Someone Please Make a Better Online Calendar?
  • After US squashes no-spy hopes, European leaders discuss ways to protect citizens’ data


Social Networking

  • Can Facebook Innovate? A Conversation With Mark Zuckerberg
  • The Future of Facebook May Not Say ‘Facebook’
  • Facebook’s decision to spin off Messenger is the smartest, safest choice
  • Report: 44% of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent a Tweet
  • Data Point: Social Networking Is Moving on From the Desktop
  • Is Facebook Too Big to Care?
  • Facebook Creates Software That Matches Faces Almost as Well as You Do
  • For Free Texting Apps, the Market Is Far From Conquered
  • Facebook’s Plan to Conquer the World — With Crappy Phones and Bad Networks
  • WhatsApp to Start Offering Internet Phone Calls
  • The Loyal Users of Google Plus Say It Is No Ghost Town





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