My Angel Portfolio


Current Investments


3Play Media3Play Media – SaaS platform for high-quality video transcription at low cost


CabinetM – Marketing tool discovery and management


CrowdlyCrowdly – Enterprise marketing software for converting fans into advocates


EnergySage – online marketplace for solar comparison shoppingEnergySage



EZCaterezCater – The easiest way to order corporate catering nationwide



FinSIXFinSIX – Ultra-high frequency power converters


GeoOrbital – eBike conversion, radically simplified   GeoOrbital logo color box



Groupize – Group travel bookings made easyGroupize


JamHubJamHub – Silent rehearsal studio for musicians and music educators


LearnLaunchXLearnLaunchX – Incubating and funding Boston’s ed tech cluster


LibbooLibboo – Comprehensive self-publishing platform and network


 Listen Current – teaching students critical listening skills


Localytics – Analytics for Mobile ApplicationsLocalytics


MojuMoju Labs – accelerometer –controlled photo sequence collages


PeachPeach Underneath (Zyrra) – Innovative purchasing for women’s apparel


pelotonPeloton Technology – Fuel efficiency and accident reduction for trucking


PixabilityPixability – Platform and tools for business video and video marketing


PHDPowerhouse Dynamics – Energy monitoring and mangagement hardware and software


WeSpire – Engagement and sustainability for corporate employees


Precision VenturesPrecision Ventures – Medical device development and commercialization


PunchbowlPunchbowl – the leader in end-to-end party planning on the web


QStreamQstream – Mobile sales enablement and analytics


RedtailRedTail – SaaS-based EDI solutions



RepslyRepsly – mobile field force automation and geo tracking



Seraf – Professional portfolio management tools for active angel investorsSeraf Ventures



Smart LunchesSmart Lunches – online ordering service for high quality school lunches



ace-fund-logoTechCoast ACE Fund 2 – Tech Coast Angel fund, Southern California


V-Charge – Transactive energy management solutions



VedavooVedavoo – American-made outdoor gear



VsnapVSnap – Enterprise video messaging and analytics



Woo SportsWoo Sports – sports motion sensor and network for kite boarders




Zagster – Managed bicycle fleets as a serviceZagster






Prior Investments



AvaxiaAvaxia Biologics – Orally-delivered antibody products for diseases of the GI tract (dissolved)
Copiun – Mobile device management software (acquired by Good Technology – IPO)


BoxCrocodoc – HTML5 document embedding (acquired by – IPO)


GrommetDaily Grommet – finding and launching undiscovered products (stake sold to Rakuten)


GoodTwo – SaaS platform for fund-raising (dissolved)


Hire Reach – Reverse job search targeting passive candidates (dissolved)


GoogleIncentive Targeting – Marketing & incentive management for grocery industry (acquired by Google)


QlessTurnStar – Queue management for restaurants (acquired by QLess)


ZoomVigix – Advanced kiosk technology platform (acquired by Zoom)


All State LegalVizibility – Online identity management tools and search me button (acquired by All State Legal)


Desire2learnWiggio – Group collaboration on the web made easy (acquired by Desire2Learn)
ZetrOZ – Portable low intensity therapeutic ultrasound