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What’s Your Story? Pitch Deck Flow

Oirase Stream

Augustin Rafael Reyes

Competent entrepreneurs can explain their company in terms of what the product does. Good entrepreneurs can explain their company in terms of their customer and their market. Funded entrepreneurs can pitch their company in terms that an investor can relate to.

For most entrepreneurs, it’s not easy or intuitive to put the investor version of the story together. They can talk a blue streak about the product, the customer, maybe the market. But they cannot pitch the business as a good investment in a way the investor can quickly grab onto.
Turns out, there is an easy formula that works nearly universally. The key to this formula is that it covers all the required subjects, but strings them together into a coherent and engaging narrative flow. Once you grok the formula, it all kind of clicks and you suddenly understand what it is you are trying to convey. From then on, it’s easy. (Note in addition to talking about the subjects here, I have also discussed why you should sweat your executive summary here, talked about the importance of keeping a pitch deck lean here, and about the importance of practicing your delivery here.)

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