Telephoto Lens for Your iPhone 4S

Add-on lenses for cellphone cameras have been around for a while.  And most of them are crap.  But I stumbled onto a great little kit that is very nicely made, and, when combined with the out-standing new camera on the iPhone 4S, takes such great photographs, that I had to share.

The lens comes with a nice kit including a little tripod with a universal spring clamp mount and offers 8X telephoto zoom.  Not bad for 35 bucks.  Given how much detail and light sensitivity the new iPhone 4S camera has, you can combine this zoom with some digital zoom for an even more close in view.  See image below for examples.  I should point out that the lens stretches the focal length of the iPhone camera so much that you do sometimes get a little bit of vignetting around the edge of certain pictures, but it is kind of a cool effect.  And if you don’t like it, there is more than enough detail to crop it down a little and eliminate it.  The lens also works for the iPhone 4 and the 3G/3GS, though the new 4S camera is what really makes it shine.  And before closing, I also cannot help but put a plug in for the web retailer who sold it to me.  They are called  Their site is really fun (all the schwag is all on the “PhotoJojo Store” tab), and their service is impeccable.  Fast, great communication, fun to deal with.  Even the invoice in the box was hilarious.  It is the kind of business that you want to return to, just to reinforce their behavior.  Check out the kit on their site for yourself: Photojojo Store iPhone Telephoto Lens.  

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