Steve Jobs: “These New Tablets Will Be DOA”

I’d like to comment on avalanche of tablets poised to enter the market. It appears to be just a handful of credible entrants, not an avalanche. Nearly all use 7-inch screen. One thinks this would offer 70% of benefits of 10-inch screen. But it’s only 45% as large as the iPad’s 10-inch screen. If you cut iPad screen in half, that’s what you’re looking at. Not enough for good tablet apps. You’d also need to include sandpaper so people could make their fingers smaller. We think 10-inch screen size is minimum to create great tablet apps … Even Google is telling tablet companies to wait for new release of Android next year. What does it mean when software supplier says not to use software for tablets, and you ignore them and use it anyway? New tablets won’t have any apps. And competitors having a hard time coming close to pricing, even with cheaper, smaller screens. These new tablets will be DOA: Dead on arrival. “Sounds like lots of fun ahead.

Steve Jobs talking about the emerging tablet market on Apple’s Q3 earnings call as recounted by Dan Frommer, Senior Business Writer for Business Insider.

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