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Apple LogoLatest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Apple, Google, Amazon, Mobile, Photography, Gadgets and other Big Tech, including items on whether technology will cause permanent unemployment, what smartphones mean for the future of the internet, and why consumer tech is so incremental. Enjoy.

Apple, Google, Amazon

  • ‘The Internet of Things’: Google, Apple and the next big growth cycle
  • Facebook Makes Its Own Computer Networking Switch
  • This is Probably a Good Time to Say That I Don’t Believe Robots Will Eat All the Jobs
  • The Missing Middle Class: Jobs in the Second Machine Age
  • The internet of things: what role will humans play?
  • Google Flu Trends: The Limits of Big Data
  • How an Under-Appreciated iOS 7 Feature Will Change the World
  • Making Cloud-Computing Systems More Efficient
  • Big Data Picks Up the Pace
  • IBM: More Cloud, Less People
  • Enterprise Social Networks May One Day Replace Email
  • Twitter’s Other Growth Problem: Keeping the Users It Already Has


  • State of the Internet: Still Growing but More Mobile Than Ever
  • Mapping Our Interiors
  • Don’t Diss Cheap Smartphones. They’re About to Change Everything
  • Smartphones: The Silent Killer Of The Web As You Know It
  • How an Under-Appreciated iOS 7 Feature Will Change the World
  • The next big step for cellular networks isn’t 5G. It’s the cloud
  • WhatsApp Deal Bets on a Few Fewer ‘Friends’
  • Google Tests a Way to Follow You to the Mall
  • Data Point: Social Networking Is Moving on From the Desktop
  • Mobile made frenemies out of everyone and the internet of things will make it worse
  • Smartphone ‘kill switches’ could save owners $2.6B a year—no wonder carriers hate the idea
  • The Future of Facebook May Not Say ‘Facebook’
  • Facebook’s decision to spin off Messenger is the smartest, safest choice

Photography & Gadgets

  • Why Consumer Tech Is So Irritatingly Incremental
  • Charles O’Rear is the photographer who took the Windows XP wallpaper photo in Napa Valley
  • 6 Reasons Why Photography Matters
  • Facebook Creates Software That Matches Faces Almost as Well as You Do

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