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Apple LogoLatest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Apple, Google, Amazon, Mobile, Photography, Gadgets and other Big Tech, including items on how Gmail happened, the fall of desktop search, and the next mobile imaging arms race. Enjoy.

Apple, Google, Amazon

  • Google S.E.C. Filing Says It Wants Ads In Your Thermostat and Car
  • A Closer Look Inside IBM’s Cloud Challenge
  • Amazon and USPS expand Sunday delivery to 15 more cities, will reach ‘large portion’ of U.S. this year
  • Google, Amazon and Microsoft’s Costly Spending War
  • Amazon Smartphone Prime Data
  • Marissa Mayer’s Secret Plan to Get Apple to Dump Google and Default to Yahoo Mobile Search
  • Can Facebook Innovate? A Conversation With Mark Zuckerberg
  • Facebook’s decision to spin off Messenger is the smartest, safest choice
  • Google Making Bets On Drones And Robots
  • Google Tests a Way to Follow You to the Mall
  • How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago
  • Is Facebook Too Big to Care?
  • Complaints as Amazon Raises Cost of Prime
  • For Hints at Apple’s Plans, Read Its Shopping List


  • Searching for Profits in Mobile
  • Why Android Wear Is the Beginning of the Wearable Devices Era
  • Carriers Lost Round One Against WhatsApp. Can They Rebound?
  • For Free Texting Apps, the Market Is Far From Conquered
  • Weakened by Mobile, Desktop Search Advertising Is Declining
  • Facebook’s Plan to Conquer the World — With Crappy Phones and Bad Networks
  • The Payments Challenge for Mobile Carriers
  • The next mobile imaging war won’t be waged over megapixels
  • Dual-lens smartphone cameras are coming, and this is why we want one
  • WhatsApp to Start Offering Internet Phone Calls
  • At Mobile World Congress, a Sign of Tech Industry’s Shifting Focus
  • Mobile Device Thieves Face Off against Kill Switch
  • Wikipedia vs. the Small Screen
  • Google Maps Gets Massive Update: Five Features to Know About
  • F.C.C. Wants Better 911 Location Tracking for Cellphones

Photography & Gadgets

  • The next mobile imaging war won’t be waged over megapixels
  • Dual-lens smartphone cameras are coming, and this is why we want one
  • Saving stock photography: 90% payouts & democratic capitalism driving 25% monthly growth for Stocksy

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