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Apple LogoLatest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Apple, Google, Amazon, Mobile, Photography, Gadgets and other Big Tech, including items on why Apple bought Primesense, Intel’s grand wireless plan, why iBeacon may be the death of NFC, and why photography is the new universal language that is changing everything. Enjoy.

Apple, Google, Amazon

  • Apple reportedly buys Kinect tech-creator PrimeSense (slashgear)
  • With PrimeSense, Apple Got Key Mapping Technology (jessicalessin)
  • Special report: Apple’s ground-breaking bet on its clean energy infrastructure (gigaom)
  • Amazon’s new way to boost Kindle sales? Your old books (tech.fortune.cnn)
  • Google’s Broken Promises & Who’s Running The Search Engine? (marketingland)
  • Amazon Bares Its Computers (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Google’s Reverse-Engineered Mobile Network (businessweek)
  • Why Apple Wants Its Software to Be Free (businessweek)
  • Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Talks New Kindles and What He’s Doing Next (businessweek)
  • Intel Lays Out Its Grand Wireless Plan, Bets Big on LTE (pcmag)
  • The Robots Are Here (politico)
  • Amazon Opens Pop-Up Store in San Francisco Mall (blogs.wsj)
  • Apple’s new licensing for apps gives it a huge enterprise advantage (citeworld)
  • Can Same-Day Delivery Succeed This Time? (MIT Technology Review)
  • Why I’ve all but given up on Windows (zdnet)
  • New startup economics: Why Amazon (web services) and Dropbox need each other (gigaom)
  • MLB’s Testing Of iBeacon Shows Just Why Apple Didn’t Jump Onto The NFC Bandwagon (redmondpie)
  • Salesforce Making Business Software More Social (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Google Completes Upgrade of its SSL Certificates to 2048-Bit RSA (threatpost)


  • Apple, China Mobile Sign Deal to Offer iPhone (online.wsj)
  • Lithium-Sulfur Battery Lab Tests Show High Energy Density (greencarreports)
  • Everyone wants to be the one messaging app that rules them all — but there’s no such thing, and never will be (gigaom)
  • New F.C.C. Chief Promises He Will Protect Competition (nytimes)
  • Why 2014 might be the beginning of the end for passwords (bgr)
  • Structure Sensor Turns the iPad Into a Powerful 3D Scanner (mashable)
  • Underscore Price Dynamics (Marco Arment)
  • Intel Lays Out Its Grand Wireless Plan, Bets Big on LTE (pcmag)
  • Foursquare Begins Crowdsourcing Local Business Data Collection With Questions That Appear After Check-Ins (techcrunch)
  • Energy harvesting chips: The next big thing for a connected world (gigaom)

Photography & Gadgets

  • Photography Is the New Universal Language, and It’s Changing Everything (wired)
  • When Algorithms Grow Accustomed to Your Face (nytimes)
  • Instagram and Youtube (ben-evans)
  • An Interview With Liz Eswein, Instagram User-Turned-Entrepreneur (NYTimes)
  • How photographing events stops us living them (theguardian)

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