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Internet Social CrowdLatest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Internet, IOT, Social Networking, Crowdsourcing, and Cybersecurity, including items on why Amazon and Dropbox need each other, why tech giants turn to Netflix for help, the death of the socially useful white lie and the Bitcoin bubble.  Enjoy.


  • Why tech giants turn to Netflix for IT help (gigaom)
  • New startup economics: Why Amazon (web services) and Dropbox need each other (gigaom)
  • Here are 10 amazingly creative users of Instagram you could learn a thing or two from (thenextweb)
  • Brazilian lawmakers bear down on bill that could cost U.S. Internet companies (online.wsj)
  • MOOCs promise to change the face of higher education. Here’s what they do well—and can do better (online.wsj)

Internet of Things

  • Forget about the NSA for a minute: The internet of things could kill the little white lie (gigaom)
  • A New Worm Proves That the Internet of Things Is Vulnerable to Attack (allthingsd)
  • The Internet of Things: a tangled web (theguardian)
  • Trading Jet Packs in for the Internet of Things (wired)
  • What the Internet Of Things Will Bring to the Workplace (wired)
  • The Internet of things needs a lot of work (pcworld)
  • Internet Of Things Opens Doors to Attack (informationweek)
  • Connected Air: Smart Dust Is The Future Of The Quantified World (readwrite)
  • Will Industrial Internet create more jobs? GE thinks yes (gigaom)
  • Cisco CEO: Internet Of Things Will Reshape IT (informationweek)
  • Internet of things: $8.9 trillion market in 2020, 212 billion connected things (zdnet)

Social Networking

  • Still on Facebook, but Finding Less to Like (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Facebook, Still Dominant, Strives to Keep Cachet (nytimes)
  • ‘Let’s try and not have a human do it’: How one Facebook techie can run 20,000 servers (zdnet)
  • Pay Attention, Snapchat! China’s WeChat Messaging App Does E-Commerce Well (allthingsd)
  • Why Did 9,000 Porny Spambots Descend on This San Diego High Schooler? (theatlantic)
  • 10 Surprising New Twitter Stats to Help You Reach More Followers (bufferapp)
  • Who Will Own The Next Great Instant Messaging Service? (buzzfeed)
  • Twitter says fake accounts represent fewer than 5% of its users. Others believe the number is higher (online.wsj)
  • Salesforce Making Business Software More Social (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Young people aren’t reliable predictors of tech trends. So where does that leave Snapchat? (online.wsj)
  • The Rise of Twitter Bots (newyorker)
  • Twitter Quitters And The Unfiltered Feed Problem (techcrunch)
  • Some Obvious Things About Internet Reputation Systems (tomslee)


  • Foursquare Begins Crowdsourcing Local Business Data Collection With Questions That Appear After Check-Ins (techcrunch)
  • Charities latch onto ‘crowdsourcing’ (csmonitor)
  • Crowdsourcing Goes Mainstream in Typhoon Haiyan Response (scientificamerican)
  • From Its Beginnings In A Denmark Loft, Zendesk’s Steady Rise To The Top Of The Helpdesk Heap (techcrunch)
  • How to Lose Funds and Infuriate Users: Couchsurfing, a Cautionary Tale From the “Sharing Economy” (techpresident)


  • Financial Industry Beats Tech in Cybersecurity Defense (blogs.wsj)
  • Promising secure and easy-to-use email evolution, Dark Mail scores $212K in Kickstarter cash (gigaom)
  • The Bitcoin bubble (economist)
  • Mapping Bitcoin (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Researchers Work to Add More Anonymity to Bitcoin (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • How Somebody Forced the World’s Internet Traffic Through Belarus and Iceland (allthingsd)
  • Cyber-Security Training a Top Priority for Industry, Government (eweek)
  • Google Completes Upgrade of its SSL Certificates to 2048-Bit RSA (threatpost)
  • Disruptions: A Digital Underworld Cloaked in Anonymity (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Cybersecurity Threats Are Rising — EY (forbes)
  • New York State considers licensing Bitcoin traders (theverge)
  • Bitcoin Companies and Entrepreneurs Can’t Get Bank Accounts (forbes)
  • Early Stage Startups Vulnerable to IP Theft (blogs.wsj)
  • The Post-PC era will be the best of times for security and the worst of times for security vendors (gigaom)
  • Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Business (forbes)


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