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Latest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship, Business &  Communication, including items on whether John Doerr can save Kleiner Perkins, Girls who Code, whether Silicon Valley is in a bubble, and whether entrepreneurship is contagious.  Enjoy.

Angel Investing

  • What Industries VCs are Hot For (entrepreneur)
  • Don’t Crush Start-Ups Ability to Raise Money (heritagefoundation)
  • Some startups are making big promises to early investors: a guaranteed return when the company IPOs (WSJ)
  • The Value of a Board at the Seed Stage (allthingsd)
  • John Doerr’s last stand: Can a dramatic shakeup save Kleiner Perkins? (pando)
  • New cybersecurity boom arrives in Silicon Valley (LAtimes)
  • In Silicon Valley, Partying Like It’s 1999 Again (nytimes)
  • Why I Don’t Ask “Is This a Billion Dollar Business” Before I Invest (hunterwalk)
  • For Start-Up Leaders, to Sell or Hold Is a Tough Call (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • An Interview With Liz Eswein, Instagram User-Turned-Entrepreneur (NYTimes)
  • Q&A with Marc Andreessen: Bubble believers (online.wsj)
  • Bitcoin, Magical Thinking, and Political Ideology (al3x)
  • Why are Internet startups raising so much, so fast? (finance.fortune.cnn)


  • Survey: Entrepreneurs Are The Happiest People on Planet (forbes)
  • The Youngest Technorati (nytimes)
  • Chris Dixon on Good Ideas that Looked Like Bad Ideas (fredwilson)
  • Does Entrepreneurship Need to Be In Your Genes (forbes)
  • The Monuments of Tech (start-up campuses) (nytimes)
  • Those who can’t, teach (economist)
  • Entrepreneurship can start in College: Here is How (huffingtonpost)
  • Study: The High-Tech Start-Up Slow Down Started Before the Recession (entrepreneur)
  • The Biggest Problem for Entrepreneurs – There Are So Many of You (blogs.wsj)
  • Start Up Founder Salaries – Experience Gets the Bucks (thenextweb)
  • Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur (news)
  • Girls Who Code (Fred Wilson/AVC)
  • When Should a Startup Think About Global Markets? (Blue Dun)
  • Entrepreneurship begins at home – and grows from there (Financialpost)
  • In defense of the fat startup (gigaom)
  • It’s Time to Play Moneyball: The Investment Readiness Level (steveblank)
  • Is entrepreneurship contagious? (cnbc)
  • The Entrepreneurship Answer to Youth Unemployment (forbes)
  • An Entrepreneur Who Manufactures Entrepreneurs (nytimes)
  • Start-Ups Are Mining Hyperlocal Information for Global Insights (nytimes)
  • Can technology improve business innovation? (zdnet)
  • Early Stage Startups Vulnerable to IP Theft (blogs.wsj) 


  • As Software Eats The World, Non-Tech Corporations Are Eating Startups (TechCrunch)
  • TripAdvisor CEO Kaufer: Reinvent the Company in Good Times (Xconomy)
  • Hamburger Heaven: Business Lessons from a Child’s Bookshelf (Xconomy)
  • Beyond 3-D Printers’ Magic, Possible Legal Wrangling (nytimes)


  • Eight email failures (and questions for those that want to do better) (Seth Godin)
  • 29 Dumb Things Finance People Say (businessinsider)


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