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Leaves GreenLatest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Green, Environment, Energy, Transportation, New Urbanism, including items on how quickly Miami is sinking, the mainstreaming of solar in Europe, big ethanol finally getting its ass kicked, and why pushing poor people out of the city center is bad for the environment. Enjoy.


  • Drop Dead: Apples’s Tim Cook Picks Fight With Climate Change Deniers (fortune)
  • Solar Power Begins to Shine as Environmental Benefits Pay Off (nytimes)
  • Worse Than Useless (EU Climate Policy) (economist)
  • Sink tank: In Miami, climate scientists ask, “How deep, how soon?” (grist)
  • Google Creates Near Real-Time Deforestation Tracking Tool (latimes)
  • Fissures in G.O.P. as Some Conservatives Embrace Renewable Energy (nytimes)
  • Solar Power goes Mainstream In Europe (hydrogenfuelnews)
  • The Seeds of A New Generation (corn belt innovation) (nytimes)
  • Another reason to worry about methane: It’s leaking out of the Arctic Ocean hella fast (grist)
  • Are Solar Panels Facing the Wrong Direction? (greentechmedia)
  • Inexpensive Wate-Cleaning Tech Could Help Farmers (nytimes)
  • Confirmed: Climate coverage fell after New York Times killed environment desk (grist)


  • Electric cars may hold solution for power storage (LAtimes)
  • India to Build World’s Largest Solar Plant (scientificamerican)
  • The Hoover Dam of Solar is Now Live in California (gigaom)
  • Google is Quite Simply Blowing is Competition Away (motleyfool)
  • Why Days are Numbered for Traditional Utility Companies (cleantechnica)
  • 5 Reasons Why Battery Innovation is Hard For Silicon Valley (gigaom)
  • Hydrogen As Electric-Car Range Extender? French Tests Start Soon (greencarreports)
  • Building A Better Battery (nytimes)
  • Glucose-Based Battery Has 10 Times Energy of Lithium (greencarreports)
  • A record number of U.S. homes went solar in the third quarter (gigaom)
  • Better batteries through biology? (MIT)
  • How Much are Solar Panels? Wrong Question (cleantechnica)
  • Word games are misleading the American public about fracking (grist)
  • Big Ethanol Finally Loses (online.wsj)
  • Bonds Backed by Solar Power Payments Get Nod (nytimes)
  • Pushed by internet companies, utility makes progress to sell clean power in North Carolina (gigaom)
  • Energy harvesting chips: The next big thing for a connected world (gigaom) 


  • Tesla Raising $1.6B to Build Battery Gigafactory and Cheaper Car (engadget)
  • The Coming Problem with Electric Cars: How to Charge Them All (mit.techreview)
  • Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept: Using The Sun To Charge Electric Car (greencarreports)
  • Federal Govt. To Propose Requiring Car to Car Communications (usatoday)
  • Networked Car is No Longer Just an Idea (gigaom)
  • How Tesla Batteries Are Powering an Energy Revolution (mashable)
  • Electric Cars and Solar: Will They Make Gasoline & Utilities Obsolete? (greencarreports)
  • Uber’s Workforce Is Built to Do More Than Chauffeur (businessweek)
  • FedEx Tests Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extenders (greencarreports)

New Urbanism

  • Pushing poor people to the suburbs is bad for the environment (grist)
  • Welcome to Googletown (the verge)
  • Celebrated New Urbanist Andres Duany Receives Knight Foundation Grant (miamiherald)
  • Detroit Outlines Map to Solvency, Stressing Repair (nytimes)
  • Tech and the Next City (nextcity)

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