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Latest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across the ScratchPaper focus areas of Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship, Business &  Communication, including items on how young people suck at predicting trends, start-ups get their IP stolen after funding, and why napping at work is good. Enjoy.

Angel Investing

  • Some startups are making big promises to early investors: a guaranteed return when the company IPOs (WSJ)
  • Net Neutrality: VC Pitches in a Year or Two (fred wilson/AVC)
  • VC Funding Tops $29B, and Software Continues to Eat the World (xconomy)
  • We’re Definitely In A Tech Bubble…Maybe (cb insights)
  • Entrepreneurship: A Timeless, Ageless Passion (forbes)
  • Reid Hoffman on Bubbles, VC Turmoil and Diversity Issues in Tech (re/code)
  • How are people a blind spot for Silicon Valley venture capital? (wsj)
  • VCs and angels take aim, entrepreneurs caught in crosshairs (fortune)
  • Start-Up Founders Look Beyond the Usual Options of Selling or Going Public (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Andy Kessler: Private Startups, Where Investor Dollars Often Go to Die (online.wsj)
  • Proceed With Caution Selecting Startup Investments (businessinsider)
  • Why Do People Keep Giving Foursquare Money? (techcrunch)
  • Young people aren’t reliable predictors of tech trends. So where does that leave Snapchat? (online.wsj)
  • Early Stage Startups Vulnerable to IP Theft (blogs.wsj)


  • Some startups are making big promises to early investors: a guaranteed return when the company IPOs (WSJ)
  • Startup Salaries – Age and Experience Get the Bucks (thenextweb)
  • Startup Salaries – What Determines Them? (compass)
  • As Software Eats The World, Non-Tech Corporations Are Eating Startups (TechCrunch)
  • 7 Entrepreneurship Lessons from MLK (inc)
  • Social Entrepreneurship Tips from Annie’s, Patagonia and Fund Good Jobs (entrepreneur)
  • Hundreds of Start-Ups Hope to Be a Copycat Start-Up (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Do Pivots Matter? (steve blank / xconomy)
  • For startups, dedicated hardware can be better than cloud (gigaom)
  • Making San Francisco Accessible to More Than the Tech Elite (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Corporate Incubators Popping Up in Europe (bits.blogs.nytimes)
  • Vivek Wadhwa: Entrepreneurship is a Roller Coaster, Not a Cruise (blogs.wsj)
  • Is This the Way to Teach Entrepreneurship? (boss.blogs.nytimes)
  • What startups need to know about TPP, the secret global trade agreement (venturebeat)
  • The Brilliant Hack That Brought Foursquare Back From the Dead (wired)


  • Obituary for software patents (Economist)
  • The Open Office Trap (new yorker)
  • Brian Halligan, Chief of HubSpot, on the Value of Naps (nytimes)
  • Can technology improve business innovation? (zdnet)


  • Seth’s Blog: Eight email failures (and questions for those that want to do better) (Seth Godin)
  • 10 Ingredients for the perfect presentation (TheNextWeb)

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