Launchpad 2013 Year In Review

Launchpad Venture Group had a very fun and very busy 2013. We are already looking forward to 2014, but before 2013 is completely set aside, let’s do a quick recap of some key highlights & milestones, by the numbers:


  • Total dollars invested: $7.5M
  • New companies in which we invested: 12
  • Follow-on rounds in which we invested: 16
  • HALO Ranking in deals done: Top Ten in US
  • HALO Ranking in dollars invested: Top Ten in US


  • Largest aggregate group investment in a round: $1.03M+
  • Single round investments of $500K or greater: 7
  • Individual members making at least one investment 120+
  • Number of checks written: 300+
  • Average individual check size, first rounds: $35,000


  • Exits: 2
  • Awesome exits: 0
  • Active portfolio companies: 42

Deal Flow

  • Companies applying for funding: 750+
  • Custom entrepreneur application websites built: 1
  • Scouting teams formed 175+
  • Scouting reports filed 90+
  • Internal member data portals built: 1


  • Companies pitched to group: 30
  • Unlabeled axis bar chart slides entitled “special sauce”: 1
  • Bullets of written feedback given to pitching cos.: 950+
  • Due diligence teams formed: 24
  • Ave number of mbrs receiving live pitches per mnth: 110
  • Additional monthly meeting locations added: 1
  • Internal member training sessions: 11


  • Participants in Launchpad on Demand sessions: 60+
  • Final prize winning MassChall teams LP mentored: 11 

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