Funding Startups (Panel Video)

TCN LogoA few days ago I did a panel for The Capital Network called Just About Everything You Need to Know about Funding Your Startup: The Accelerated Version. That title’s an exaggeration, but, still, it was a good discussion.  Kent Bennett from Bessemer Venture Partners and Ben Sprecher now from Google were my fellow panelists. William Perkins from Bingham moderated. You can watch it below. [Email readers click here].

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  1. Dale E. Van Cor says

    Mr. Mirabile, We met a few months ago at a McCarter & English event you were presenting. I had 3D printed nuts, bolts and pipe models. My work is two fold: develop fasteners with total surface contact and engineer fasteners with more then 20% tensile strength. May 9th destructive testing, the wave thread pulled the heads of the 7/8 bolts off at 16.1% over the failure of standard UNC 7/8 bolts. I have to have the wave thread at each end to get over 20%. The total surface contact has more attributes. I have invented 3 types of threads with 3 patents in office action and 5 more to be filed in the next month, and at least 8 more in the next year. This has been 5 yrs full time and mostly self financed. I am in need of more resources.

    • Christopher says

      Dale: although it is almost ridiculous to mention this given the name, but have you considered the Bolt incubator here in Boston? They focus on hardware and materials sciences whereas typical angels generally do not. What you are going to need is someone with deep expertise in the fastener markets who can help you finish the product and find some distribution. Once you have some distribution, you may be able to build a company that could be financed at the company level. Right now, you have a mostly finished product; it is hard to finance at the product level. That is mostly what the kickstarter revolution is about – financing at the product level. Best of luck with your interesting technology! Thanks for reading. -Christopher

      • Dale E. Van Cor says

        Christopher, As ridiculous as it seems this is the first I have heard of the Bolt incubator. I am outside of their posted time frame, but I will contact them. I would like to know if you would be interested in letting me pick your brain over lunch. I have some strategic decisions to make that are outside my experience. The pretense is a new technology that is outside the domain of current mechanical fasteners. I asked 434 ME and CE professors MA and NH if their students would duplicate my destructive test. Four responded, but one said it was statistically unlikely that I have found something new. I am not an engineer or I would have been taught that this was impossible. This summer I talked with over 200 business editors as far south as Viginia and west to Illinois, also the west coast states because they are in the earthquake zone. My mission was an interview on the new threads for businesses in there coverage. I got 5 stories local to me, but you can find articles in China on my wave thread. My strategic decision is about going to China. What is the value of product improvements there.

  2. Dale E. Van Cor says

    Christopher, I am not going to China, I was thinking that some competition from there would help me here. The other market penetration concept is through 3-D printing. Put some of my plastic plumbing prototypes for sale on my URL The sale would be the STL files that are print ready. People wouild buy them for a few dollars. This would be a more expensive way to make, injection molding would be cheaper, but it bypasses all distribution channels and goes to people with the desk top equipment to make things.
    This is not operational. I have not decided.
    I suspect I may be past your point of relavence.

  3. Christopher says

    No entrepreneur needing help is outside my point of relevance, but they may easily be (and often are) outside my skill envelope or ability to help. This may be one of those times. But check out the Bolt incubator and see if you can find some good resources there. Best of luck!

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