Scratchpaper Recommended Links [Ed. 0014 / Mixed]

Latest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across some of the ScratchPaper focus areas. This time we have items in Angel Investing, Apple, Communication, Crowd Sourcing, CyberSecurity, Entrepreneurship, Gadgets, Google, Green, Internet/Big Data/Internet of Things,  Media/Publishing, Mobile, New Urbanism, Photography, and Social Networking, including items on Why European Spying is Worse than the NSA, Why Android Users Generate Less Revenue, and A Republican Case for Climate Action.  Enjoy. 

 Angel Investing

  • Five Things Google Ventures Guy Rich Miner Looks for In Startups (GigaOM)


  • Pitching Investors – 10 Ultra-beginner Mistakes to Avoid (Quora)

Crowd Sourcing

  • Crowdsourcing The Fight Against Bad Software Patents (Forbes)


  • A Plan to Bring Bitcoins Closer to Everyday Investors (NYT)
  • Reality Check: NSA Spying Pales in Comparison to European Efforts (GigaOM)


  • Why Founders Fail – The Product CEO Paradox (TechCrunch)
  • Tesla vs Rent-Seekers (Steve Blank)
  • How do you Size Up Opportunity Cost When Deciding to Start a Start-up? (Quora)
  • Who Moved My Fortune? (What Drives Entrepreneurs) (WSJ)


  • iWatch’s novelty emerges as Apple taps sensor and fitness experts (9to5Mac)
  • Confessions of a Google Glass Explorer (New Yorker)


  • Where are the Android users? (Asymco)


  • Gorgeous Glimpses of Calamity (NYT Magazine)
  • Germany takes the first step toward a super grid (Grist)
  • A Republican Case for Climate Action (NYTimes)
  • Solar energy: African economies’ secret weapon (Fortune)
  • G.M. and Honda to Collaborate on Fuel-Cell Development (NYT)
  • Why the military is a game changer for clean power (GigaOM)
  • China plans a major solar spree (Grist)
  • Gangplank to a Warm Future (NYT)
  • The White House Goes Solar Again (Grist)

Internet / Big Data / Internet of Things

  • 100G, 200G, 400G: Internet’s core is getting fatter to meet our tech planet’s bandwidth demand (GigaOM)
  • Battle for the Planet of the APIs (Adactio)
  • M2M, Internet of Things: 10 key points (ZDNet)
  • AltaVista. What’s That? (Alta Vista Domain to be Retired) (NYT)


  • Barnes & Noble’s Nook Business Sees Fifty Shades of Red (BusinessWeek)
  • As Competition Wanes, Amazon Cuts Back Discounts (NYT)
  • Why Book Publishing Isn’t Dead… Yet (Bloomberg)
  • Appeals Court’s Ruling Helps Google in Book-Scanning Lawsuit (NYT)


  • How Google Could Solve Mobile’s Biggest Problem. (Cult of Android)
  • How Vibration Could Power Our Wearables (BusinessWeek)

New Urbanism

  • Can New Urbanism Save America? (HuffPo)
  • I Want to Live In A Baugruppe (Grist)


  • 10 Travel Photography Tips to Help Avoid Regrets When You Get Home (Digital Photography)

Social Networking

  • The Machine Zone (Where You Have Gone When You Cannot Stop Clicking) (The Atlantic)
  • How Twitter scaled its infrastructure to handle record tweet-per-second days (GigaOM)

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