Congratulations, Crocodoc


Congratulations to Ryan Damico and the team at Crocodoc for their successful exit today to  I invested in Crocodoc in 2009 when Ryan was a brand new entrepreneur and the company was called WebNotes. I liked Ryan and I liked the early vision. What grew out of those early roots was even more impressive. Ryan and his team went on to build a very capable enterprise class tool to display virtually any document right in the browser, via HTML5. This capability has proven absolutely essential to a variety of large customers including SAP, LinkedIn, Yammer, Facebook, and of course Dropbox and Not entirely clear what Dropbox is going to do once this technology is in the hands of their arch-rival That should be interesting to watch. Meanwhile, read more about the deal via WSJ here, TechCrunch here., GigaOm here, The Next Web here, VentureBeat here, and ZDNet here.

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