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Latest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across some of the ScratchPaper focus areas. This time we have items in Angel Investing, Apple, Business, Communication, Crowd Sourcing, CyberSecurity, Entrepreneurship, Green, Internet/Big Data/Internet of Things, Literary Humor & Miscellaneous, Media/Publishing, Mobile, and Social Networking, including items on what love, surfing and entrepreneurship have in common, how the building is the new server, and how bicycles are good for business.  Enjoy.


Angel Investing

  • 5 Ways Taking Venture Capital Could Hurt You (Venture Beat)
  • Disruptions: The Logic (or Lack of It) in Appraising Start-Ups (NYTimes)



  • ECommerce Companies Bypass Middlemen to Build Premium Brands (NY Times)
  • Is Buying Math The Next Tech Bubble? (NPR)


Crowd Sourcing

  • After the crowd leaves (The Economist)
  • The Kickstarter Principle: Crowdfunding doesn’t work without transparency and trust (GigaOM)
  • In short: Crowdfunding will create a “charitable capitalism” niche rather than revolutionize early-stage finance (Fortune)
  • Pebble: This is your intervention. Sell before it’s too late (Pando Daily)
  • This Company is Kickstarter for Solar Power (Mother Jones)
  • Crowd-Funding Coming of Age in Cleantech (Cleantechies)
  • What It’s Like Raising More Than $300,000 on Kickstarter (WSJ)
  • GE Turns To the Crowd for Help In Creating Consumer Products (NY Times)



  • Yes, you should care about Bitcoin, and here’s why (GigaOM)



  • What Love, Surfing Waves, and Entrepreneurship Have In Common (Forbes)
  • 25 Quotes to Inspire You To Become A Better Leader (Dave Kerpin)
  • When Big Companies Fall (Harvard Business Review)
  • Vivek Wadhwa: Why I Don’t Advise Startups to Hire MBAs (WSJ)
  • Entrepreneurship and Overcoming Rejection, Failure and Depression (Forbes)
  • Stop Managing Your Career and Start a Company (Xconomy)
  • Stop Trying to Catch Lightning in a Bottle (Suster – Both Sides of the Table)



  • Solar Panels Could Destroy US Utilities, According to… US Utilities (Grist)
  • The troubling bankruptcy in a troubled business (The Economist)
  • This Company is Kickstarter for Solar Power (Mother Jones)
  • How can we boost distributed solar and save utilities at the same time? (Grist)
  • Solar power, white spaces bring 16Mbps broadband to towns without electricity (Ars Technica)
  • Portable Solar Flower Folds Up Like a Lotus (CleanTechnica)
  • Spaceships Will Shoot Solar Energy to Earth With Ray Guns. That’s Not Funny. (Slate)
  • Dairy Finds a Way to Let Cows Power Trucks (NYTimes)
  • Bicycles are good for business (SeaCoast Online)
  • Crowd-Funding Coming of Age in Cleantech (Cleantechies)
  • New Solar Process Gets More Out of Natural Gas (NYTimes)
  • In Venezuela, Almost-Free Gas Has a Cost (WSJ)


Internet / Big Data / Internet of Things

  • How energy harvesting tech could power wearables and the internet of things (GigaOM)
  • Baseball Meets Internet Of Things: Bye, Bad Umpires? (InformationWeek)
  • The Building Is the New Server (Scott Weiss / A16Z)
  • Faster Please – Breaking Down Barriers to the Internet of Things (Wired)
  • We can’t let the internet of things become the tyranny of things (GigaOM)
  • Can the Internet Replace Big Banks? (Mashable)
  • Podcast: Why the Hue internet light bulb is a bright idea (GigaOM)


Literary, Humor & Miscellaneous

  • The Long Journey of Blue Jeans (ViceBeta)



  • Amazon Acquires Social Reading Site Goodreads (TechCrunch)
  • Book Publishers Scramble to Rewrite Their Future (Wired)
  • 5 Industry Trends Requiring Every Writer’s Attention (Writer Unboxed)
  • Who Will Save Our Books?  Our Bookstores?  Our Libraries? (Salon)



  • Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback Isn’t Happening (Frommer / SplatF)
  • It’s the ‘second inning’ of mobile monetization & these startups are making bank (Venture Beat)
  • Mobile phone’s 40th anniversary: from ‘bricks’ to clicks (Guardian)


Social Networking

  • Redefining Social Networking for Business (Wired)
  • Bored with banana slicer jokes? Here’s how Facebook is losing its edge (Today)

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