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Understanding Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs & Investors

This week Dan Sullivan and I did a talk for The Capital Network on the pros and cons of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and investors. The key distinction we were making is that people conflate two very different kinds of activities into one bucket. Product crowdfunding is a very interesting way of financing innovation at the product level. Equity crowdfunding where you take ownership in a company is a much different and more complicated thing. For additional thoughts on the product crowdfunding, see Customer Crowdfunding: Not So Fast, Entrepreneurs and the redux. For additional thoughts on the equity issues, see here (Thoughts), here (Dixon), here (Wilson) and here (other).

In any event, our presentation was followed by a great discussion, for which I unfortunately do not have a transcript, but I do have the slides.  Here they are:

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Start-Up Marketing (Guest Post – Five in a Series)


My good friend Jeff Berman has agreed to contribute a series on marketing for startups to the Scratchpaper community. This is the fifth in the series (table of contents here). Stay tuned for more.

How to Botch Marketing #4: 

Start By Telling People How It Works

The whole point of marketing is to get your prospects to pay attention to your message, to sit up in their chairs and turn on the front part of their brains and take in what you have to say. You need to constantly remind yourself that most people are actively trying to tune you out.

Marketing is getting people pay attention to you when they would rather not.

The Problem With How-It-Works Messages [Read more…]