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Latest selection of the best stuff I’ve seen lately across some of the ScratchPaper focus areas. This time we have items in Communication, Crowd Sourcing, CyberSecurity, Entrepreneurship, Gadgets, Google, Green, Internet/Big Data/Internet of Things, Media/Publishing, Mobile, New Urbanism, Photography, and Social Networking, including items on The 4 Cardinal Sins of Work Communication, 7 Ways to Improve a Bad Day, The Rise of Mobile Photography, and World Solar Power Goes Parabolic.  Enjoy.  _____________________
  • 4 cardinal sins of work communication (CNNMoney)


Crowd Sourcing
  • Crowdsourcing is transforming the science of psychology (The Economist)
  • How Crowdfunding Could Revolutionize Solar (GigaOM)
  • Eugene Kaspersky: “Cyberweapons are the Most Dangerous Innovation of This Century” (NYTimes)
  • Google: 12-14M Searches A Day Return Hacked Sites (Search Engine Land)
  • A spook speaks: Its cost may be hard to count, but cybercrime has companies worried (Economist)
  • Positive Thinking: 7 Easy Ways to Improve a Bad Day (Inc. Magazine)
  • What Drives Would-Be Entrepreneurs? (Forbes)
  • Naming your startup? Here are five things to remember (GigaOM)
  • The Terrible Management Technique That Cost Microsoft Its Creativity (Forbes)

  • Apple Television, AirPlay and Why the iPad is the new TV Apps Platform  (All Things D / WSJ)
  • 7 Great Google Spreadsheet Tricks (PCWorld)
  • ‘Significant’ rise in electric bills seen (CNN Money)
  • Eco-Friendly Vehicles Draining State Road Repair Budgets (USNews)
  • Charge Your Phone Just by Walking (BusinessWeek)
  • All-carbon solar cell draws power from near-infrared light (Engadget)
  • Report: Solar Panel Supply Will Far Exceed Demand Beyond 2012 (Forbes)
  • Toyota to Test System That Allows Prius PHVs to Power Homes (DailyTech)
  • World Solar Power Goes Parabolic (Business Insider)
  • Solar makers bet on Japan nuclear crisis being a game-changer (Reuters)
  • Updated BMW i3 Concept Debuts as the Hatch Nears Production (CarBuzz)
  • Solar-Powered Plane Makes Bid for 1st Inter-Continental Flight (Voice of America)
  • German Solar Industry Getting Hammered by Cheap Chinese Imports (CleanTechnica)
  • Vodafone Unveils Umbrella That Charges And Boosts Signals Of Mobile Phones (Design Taxi)
  •  America Needs More Farmland; Here’s How To Get It (Slate)
  • Uber to offer lower cost rides via hybrids (GigaOM)


Internet / Big Data / Internet of Things
  • Mystery of Big Data’s Parallel Universe Brings Fear, and a Thrill (NYTimes)
  • Netflix analyzes a lot of data about your viewing habits (GigaOM)
  • Sweeping Effects as Broadband Moves to Meters (NYTimes)
  • Tempo wants to be the database at the center of the Internet of things (GigaOM)
  • Apple’s iBooks Scheme Dropped Amazon’s Monopoly To 60%, But Killed Industry Profits (Cult of Mac)

  • Mobile-Phone Radiation Safety to Be Reviewed in U.S. by FCC (Washington Post)
  • STEVE JOBS WINS: Adobe’s Ditching Flash (BusinessInsider)
  • AT&T: Business Customers Swarming to Mobile Devices, Apps, Solutions (MarketWatch)
  • The World as We Knew it is Over. Now What? (John Windsor)
  • Four Ways Mobility Transforms Business (Forbes)
New Urbanism
  • Can ‘New Urbanism’ Bring Health to Your Neighborhood? (USNews)
  • The Rise of Mobile Photography [INFOGRAPHIC] (Mashable)
Social Networking
  • How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags (Sprout Insights)
  • Microsoft to Buy Yammer for $1.2 Billion (NYTimes)

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