Crowdfunding: You Cannot Make This Stuff Up!

Follow-up on my Crowdfunding post. For a great truth-is-better-than-fiction story on the dark and crazy side of crowdfunding, check out the Bloomberg article “Crowdfunding and the Greatest Investment Opportunity EVER!!!”  In a deliciously ironic twist, a Florida entrepreneur (or a cynic with a great sense of humor) posted a solicitation for an “atomic water engine” investment opportunity. Where did they post it?  On the SEC website in the section reserved for comments on the new crowdfunding rules. Few choice snippets from Rocketjet’s hilarious pitch: “Make 100 times your investment in 1-to-3 years and 1,000 times by holding for 3-to-10 years by ending the Energy Industry and starting a Free Energy Era with economy-changing proprietary advancements… Cars will run on straight freshwater or seawater; electricity will be free; boats and ships will run on flotation water for fuel; and planes will fly in and out of space with only water for fuel,” the letter reads. “This is an energy advancement that enables the most significant improvement in national and global economic conditions in the history of civilization…”

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