Shooting Out The Lights: Google + Motorola Mobility

Great analysis by PEHubWire on the Google / Motorola Mobility announcement this morning.  Pretty much captures it.  Look for increased anti-trust scrutiny on this one:

Google’s deal to acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings is, simply put, huge. First, its Android OS integrated Google into the smartphone hardware business, taking the company off of your desktop and putting it into your pocket–the first step in what is evidently a growing campaign against Apple. Today’s $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility deal will have it making handsets, better controlling advertising content, daily deals and tracking; the acquisition enhances Google’s arsenal against several competitors. Take stock of who Google is currently locking horns with, and who it will tangle with next: it is in a social slugfest with Facebook; the Motorola mobile deal only further entrenches the company in its never-ending battle with Apple (as well as every other handset maker in the world, too) and the search king must continually fend off Microsoft—all while developing new strategies to take business from startups like LivingSocial, Groupon, and other mobile commerce companies. Expect that Google will next acquire Hulu, that it will develop a cloud entertainment platform and migrate video content onto its handsets. Expect enhanced tablets. And expect the mega-M&A war out West to continue, too, as digital and mobile conglomerates try to out-scale each other.

Source: original post by  Franklin Paul, Sayantani Ghosh, Nadia Damouni and Phil Wahba.

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