A New Cold War? [Updated]

Reuters just released a story about the biggest, longest and most audacious campaign of cyber attacks to date.  I have talked about this here and here, but I remain increasingly alarmed about the deplorable state of cybersecurity in the US (and elsewhere it would appear.)  With the US Department of Defense recently declaring cyber attacks an act of war, the number of attacks and brazenness of attacks increasing, the economic and strategic value of information being stolen increasing, the likelihood that these are state-sponsored acts increasing, and the defiant and in-your-face tone of hacks by groups like LulzSec increasing, it feels to me like we need to make this a bit more of a priority.

The Pentagon seems to be waking up a bit (looking to hire social networkers here) But is there any way we can do this without starting a new cold war and ruining the free and open nature of the internet?  (Sound off in the comments.)

Companies and government agencies are getting raped and pillaged every day. They are losing economic advantage and national secrets to unscrupulous competitors… This is the biggest transfer of wealth in terms of intellectual property in history.  The scale at which this is occurring is really, really frightening.  (link)



WSJ Digits Blog, 4 Aug 2011

Former Counterterrorist Chief: Cyber Attacks Are the Next Big Threat
Nearly 10 years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center says he believes America’s current attitude toward cyber warfare is eerily similar to its attitude toward terrorism before 9/11.

See Full Post: http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/?p=22897?mod=djemTECH_t

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BusinessWeek has a great article on this topic here.  Money Quote:

Those familiar with the [Nicira] burglary refuse to talk about it on the record, citing orders handed down by the federal investigators. In private, they share a common concern: Cyber espionage and nation-state-backed hacking incidents appear to be increasing in frequency and severity. What once seemed the province of Hollywood—high-tech robbers with guns; Internet worms that take out power plants—has become real. They fear that online skirmishes and spying incidents are escalating into a confusing, vicious struggle that involves governments, corporations, and highly sophisticated free-ranging hackers. This Code War era is no superpower stare-down; it’s more like Europe in 1938, when the Continent was in chaos and global conflict seemed inevitable.



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