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Vizibility – An Obvious And Useful Idea

Nice write-up on Vizibility in Business Insider recently.  Vizibility is a cool company founded by James Alexander which provides a very useful service.  It allows you to easily build the perfect search of yourself to pull up the best and most relevant items, remove duplicates and irrelevant hits, and promote the key stories you want to highlight.  It then gives you ability to capture that perfect search as a “search me” button, link and QR code that you can use online and offline in email signatures, business cards, blogs, web profiles and the like.

I’ve been a user of the service since before I first invested and have found it very handy in personal use – I’ve even got my QR code on my business card.  But what it is interesting is the power this gives professionals who live and die by their professional identity, not to mention the flexibility it gives to the marketing professionals who try to manage them.

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Hot Summer

In recognition of the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing in the Northeast lately I thought I would get a little random and off-topic and dig up and share one of my favorite pieces of commentary about hot weather which aired on NPR about 15 years ago.  Got a kick out of it then, still get a kick out of it now.  Acknowlegements and thanks to NPR.

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Hard Not To Admire Chris Sacca

Foundation 07 // Chris Sacca from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

Shout out to Ty Danco for turning me onto a great interview of uber-angel Chris Sacca by Digg Founder Kevin Rose.  In his always excellent blog, Ty rightly points out that there are some very interesting bits of wisdom around the importance of paying it forward in life, and I agree 100% with that, but I am also blown away by Sacca’s other keys to success: versatility, smarts, like-abilty, hustle, networking, courage, and, yes, good old-fashioned luck – the luck to have landed right in the center of a circle of amazing people, in an amazing town, doing amazing things.  He couldn’t have done what he did without his native abilities, but the backdrop of timing and the springboard of early experience at Google didn’t hurt a bit.  Really excellent interview – well worth the time it takes to watch it.  Thanks Ty!


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