RSA: This Just Keeps Getting Worse

Back in March when I posted about the RSA snafu], I was kind of harsh, because I was worried that this was going to turn into a really big mess.  It sure seems to be turning out that way.  Here’s a few recent headlines for those who have not been following the story:

NYT June 4:  Lockheed Says Hacker Used Stolen SecurID Data

WSJ June 7:  Security Tokens Take A Hit

NYT June 7:  RSA Offers to Replace Most SecureID Tokens

WSJ June 8:  Secure ID Clients Get Jitters

NYT June 8:  RSA Faces Angry Users After Breach

NYT June 9:  RSA Gets Security Chief

WSJ June 9:  Hacking at Citi is Latest Data Scare

One of the things I said I was worried about] is that we are not taking this issue seriously enough.  A rather jarring list of recent mega-breaches compiled by the WSJ kind of underscores this point:

Big Data Breaches In History.

Maybe it will ultimately be something like this that will get people’s attention:

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