My Endorsements @MassChallenge

Here’s some info on my endorsements @masschallenge.  Just finished batch-processing all my @masschallenge endorsements, so I figured I would post them here and explain my formula (if that’s not too strong a word…).  I endorsed companies for any one of the following reasons: (1) I knew and liked the founder and/or was mentoring the company (2) I am an investor in the company (3) I believed in the mission of the company or thought the product was good and/or worthy (4) a friend was mentoring the company and asked me to endorse or (5) they reached out and asked me for an endorsement in a thoughtful way (I did these in the order received, so if you reached out late, you may not have made the cut into my 5 & 25 quotas.)

My Diamond Endorsements:

• vSnap (

• Cocomama Foods (

• Textaurant (

• Energy Harvesters LLC (

• Suhafa, Inc. (

My Platinum Endorsements:

• Inc.

• NeuroScouting

• Fetchmob

• EqualApp

• Dympol, Inc.

• Qstream


• ByteLight

• Zipcents

• TR Aeronautics

• BluAlert

• Fresh Ground, Inc.

• greenbean recycle

• Duke of Detail

• Libboo

• netBlazr

• GaggleAMP

• Resolute Marine Energy

• OmniStrat

• KangoGift



• MySuperMe

• Tree Top Wind Mill

• Yellow Leaf Hammocks

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