Top Ten Real-World Uses for LinkedIn

In keeping with my mini LinkedIn theme in celebration of their hitting 100M, here are my own personal Top Ten Uses for LinkedIn (for newbies):

1.   As an address book that is automatically kept up to date by the owners of the information

2.   For finding info about a candidate, opponent, counterpart interviewer, speaker or new acquaintance (including a picture of someone you are meeting for the first time)

3.   For gaining access into a company for research, business development, networking, benchmarking

4.   As a tool to allow you to better help people you mentor (let them connect to you and rummage through your connections to request an introduction or two)

5.   As a way to gain access to a person you don’t know, but want to connect with

6.   For reaching out to someone whose email addressor phone number you’ve lost

7.   For finding local contacts in remote cities when traveling for business – either for fun or to make the downtime parts of the trip more productive – just do a 50 mile radius search based on your hotel zipcode

8.   Consolidating your scattered online presence – taking control of your web “dossier” and making all of the elements accessible from one professional place (your profile)

9.   Establishing credibility and enhancing your visibility to search engines via Links, Updates, Answers and Group activity

10.   Researching and keeping abreast of special interests and staying in touch with subject matter experts through Answers and Groups

Bonus Tip:

11.   Becoming more more visible, credible and accessible to headhunters

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