Ten Entrepreneurship Rules For Building Massive Companies

Reid Hoffman of Greylock & LinkedIn fame has posted a great list of rules for entrepreneurs looking to build great companies – check out his post for the full text (link below).

Ten Entrepreneurship Rules for Building Massive Companies

Rule #1: Look for disruptive change.

Rule #2: Aim big.

Rule #3: Build a network to magnify your company.

Rule #4: Plan for good luck and bad luck.

Rule #5: Maintain flexible persistence.

Rule #6: Launch early enough that you are embarrassed by your first product release.

Rule #7: Aspire, but don’t drink your own Kool-Aid.

Rule #8: Having a great product is important but having great product distribution is more important.

Rule #9: Pay close attention to culture and hires from the very beginning.

Rule #10: Rules of entrepreneurship are guidelines, not laws of nature.

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