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Top Ten LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

In keeping with my mini LinkedIn theme in celebration of their hitting 100M, here are my own personal Top Ten LinkedIn Tips & Tricks (for newbies):

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Top Ten Real-World Uses for LinkedIn

In keeping with my mini LinkedIn theme in celebration of their hitting 100M, here are my own personal Top Ten Uses for LinkedIn (for newbies):

1.   As an address book that is automatically kept up to date by the owners of the information

2.   For finding info about a candidate, opponent, counterpart interviewer, speaker or new acquaintance (including a picture of someone you are meeting for the first time)

3.   For gaining access into a company for research, business development, networking, benchmarking

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Speaking of Reid Hoffman

LinkedIn Logo

Just got a marketing email from LinkedIn saying I was member number 231,537.  That’s pretty early it turns out, when you consider that LinkedIn just hit its one hundred millionth member.  In fact, it means that 99.8%+ of LinkedIn’s members joined AFTER I did.  I continue to feel it is a great service from which I get more value than all the other social networks combined.  To help celebrate I am going to publish my Top Ten Real-World Uses for LinkedIn and my Top Ten LinkedIn Tips & Tricks in my next two posts.


Ten Entrepreneurship Rules For Building Massive Companies

Reid Hoffman of Greylock & LinkedIn fame has posted a great list of rules for entrepreneurs looking to build great companies – check out his post for the full text (link below).

Ten Entrepreneurship Rules for Building Massive Companies

Rule #1: Look for disruptive change.

Rule #2: Aim big.

Rule #3: Build a network to magnify your company.

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RSA: This is Really Bad

RSA SecurID Key FobAccording to the NYTimes, the company responsible for providing a very significant percentage of government and corporate security in the United States has been hacked (the RSA Security division of the EMC Corporation).  OMFG; are they for real?

Few questions come to mind:  When does RSA plan to clarify how bad this really is?  What are they doing to fix it?  What are they advising their corporate and governmental customers?  Was this not kind of foreseeable? (Hint: Um, yes it was).  And perhaps the most burning question of all: when is this country going to get serious about cybersecurity?  I mean, what will it take?

Here’s a few choice quotes from the NYT article:

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Beware the Tangled Thread(ed)

Is it just me, or are a lot of emails disappearing lately?  There are many possible explanations (Gmail down, Chupacabra ate them), but I think I know the culprit.  It is the dreaded threaded view becoming a standard interface in email clients and webmail layouts.  If you don’t change the subject of an important email in a longer exchange, it just seems to disappear and never get answered.  I believe this is often courtesy of threaded views.  People just don’t realize the message is there.  They are sick of looking at the subject line and so they tune it out thinking it’s old news (or worse, throw it out.)  Maybe you haven’t noticed, but now that I have pointed it out, you will…