Archives for February 2011

Nice Write Up of Daily Grommet in Entrepreneur Magazine

Nice write up of Jules Pieri and Daily Grommet in Entrepreneur Magazine.  Go Jules!

Pixability’s Power Syndication

Angel group syndication is becoming a really smooth act.  Congratulations to Bettina Hein for leading the mother of all angel syndications, and thanks to Barry Coffman of Launchpad Venture Group for leading the team.  Pixability has an investor base that is awesome in its diversity.  Go Bettina!

Winning Lottery Ticket

Received a funny quip today.  I’ve been helping an entrepreneur who has some interesting technology but is still in the very early stages of trying to build a business around it.  He has been really frustrated by his largely unfruitful efforts to raise money.  I sent him an article about how his technology area is poised to go mainstream.  His reply: “Thanks.  I feel like I’m waiting to cash out a winning lottery ticket…”