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Open: Good, But Not Easy

In an NYT piece about GoogleTV this week, Ashley Vance illustrates one of the major difficulties of totally open systems – in their raw form, they are horribly unpredictable and therefore very difficult to build a business on.  As Google moves into the device space, they have caused quite a bit of heartburn with their partners: delays in ChromeOS caused laptop manufacturers to miss this holiday season; delays with Android have caused major headaches with phone launch delays, tablet launch delays and phone upgrade issues; and now Google has asked major TV manufacturers to cancel their plans for GoogleTV roll-outs at the Consumer Electronics show in a few weeks.

Don’t get me wrong – open software projects are awesome, but experienced software people are fond of the saying “real engineers ship” for a reason.  In the enterprise space you see hybrid models being adopted for working with open projects – manufacturers will certify, ship and offer support only for certain reference versions.

Google’s ready, fire, aim approach has worked very well and driven very rapid innovation for its cloud-based the software, and an incredibly fast ramp for Android, but as they begin to mate their software more closely with hardware, something’s gotta to give.

Race Point Capital Group and Launchpad Venture Group Announce Merger


Big day for my angel group Race Point Capital Group today.  We announced that we will be merging with LaunchPad Venture Group.  Ham Lord and I will be co-Managing Directors.  Very exciting development.  Dividing the workload and scaling up the size of the group will allow us to deliver more value to our members and to the entrepreneurial community at large.  For more detail see some of the press coverage at Mass High Tech, Xconomy and BostInnovation.