Gruber’s a Genius, But I’d Quibble With This One

Nothing particularly controversial in this John Gruber post, but I think it misses the importance of Apple’s $700 laptop – the 32GB iPad 3G.  For many people this is emerging as the “go-to” portable device, leaving the Air in a tough spot in the line-up.  I had a previous generation MBAir and I basically stopped carrying it because finding or bringing my own wifi was such a pain.  The iPad 3G is light, connects everywhere, and does what I need 98% of the time.  And for those times when I need a laptop, I generally REALLY need a laptop, so an 11 inch MBAir is not going to cut it.  So I think John missed some of the complexity here – for many people it is the iPad 3G + serious laptop like an MacBook Pro that is the killer combination.  That leaves the Air in kind of a sticky spot – not as light or connected as the iPad, but not as powerful and useable as the MBPro.

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