Top 10 New iOS 6 Features I’m Stoked About

This week at its World Wide Developer Conference, Apple publicly exposed some of the features of the next generation of its mobile operating system, iOS 6. It is not coming out until the Fall, probably in conjunction with the next iteration of the iPhone, but here are the things I am really impatient for: [Read more…]

The Future Of Publishing – The Book is Dead; Long Live the Book

Is the traditional publishing model dead?

I’ve touched on this topic before (for example,  Amazon becoming a publisher; Amazon really stepping up publication efforts; ebook growth; blogcasting), but three recent events bring it back to the forefront. First was a conversation with someone at a TCN panel talk I gave last week who had just self-published her own book, second was a conversation with a friend who had just published a book with a traditional publisher and third was an interesting piece just published by Matthew Ingram at GigaOM about the value of publishers.

At the panel last week I was discussing intellectual property issues in the start-up context, and one of the participants was focused on IP questions around a book she had just published. The questions were straight-forward, but what was interesting was that when asked who her publisher was, she said that she had self-published.

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iPhoneography Update

The New York Times has an article discussing the the iPhone telephoto lens from my earlier post on the subject.  They have uniformly positive things to say about the burgeoning area, and mention a couple other seemingly good alternatives as well.

Similarly, Ars Technica has just posted an in-depth article on this subject, except theirs is much more focused on the results than the accessories.  It is about as thorough examination of the subject as you are likely to find, and worth checking out (best read on a good bright monitor instead of a mobile device since it contains a ton of comparison photos.)

By way of update on the Photojojo unit, in my experience having a lens that can pull in distance shots is proving quite handy.  And the tripod and tripod mount are also useful.  Unlike previous efforts I had tried, the case for the Photojojo unit I mentioned is sturdy enough, unobtrusive enough, and easy enough to use that you can just put the case on in advance of an event and then keep the lens handy for quick installation & removal.

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Telephoto Lens for Your iPhone 4S

Add-on lenses for cellphone cameras have been around for a while.  And most of them are crap.  But I stumbled onto a great little kit that is very nicely made, and, when combined with the out-standing new camera on the iPhone 4S, takes such great photographs, that I had to share.

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10 Best Things About Apple’s iOS 5 [Updated]

[Originally Published on July 10; Updated on October 3].  In honor of Apple’s big iPhone announcement tomorrow, I thought it was worth republishing this list of the best things about Apple’s iOS 5.  It will be awesome.  Most of the focus will be on the new hardware, but the fact is that it is really the software that will make a bigger difference to most people.  There is something for everyone to look forward to amongst the 200+ new features headed our way.  Here’s the list of the top 10 things I am most psyched about:

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