7 Reasons Why Angel Investing Became Serious Finance (Inc. Column)

I’ve been contributing a column at Inc. Magazine devoted to the topic of de-mystifying angels and the early-stage investing process.  My first piece was on the seismic forces which have slowly but profoundly re-shaped the early stage investing landscape.

pan_WallStreet_373617 Reasons Why Angel Investing Became Serious Finance

Discover the forces converging to make angel investment a serious source of capital for savvy, high-growth focused entrepreneurs.

Why does it seem like angel investing received more press coverage in the last few years than in its first few hundred years combined? Private investing has suddenly become part of mainstream consciousness.

What’s going on? It’s more than just an academic question. As an active angel and co-head of one of the largest and busiest U.S. angel groups, I’ve watched and charted these market changes since the early 1990s.

In just a couple decades a handful of seismic forces affecting early-stage financing have combined to make angel investing a very different business. The result? Angel investors have become a serious source of capital for savvy high-growth entrepreneurs.

Seven key trends have fueled this radical transformation.

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