The Solar Project – Table of Contents

In the Fall of 2011 we began the process of converting our house to net-zero solar power.  I decided to blog about the project as we went along to try and demystify solar power for others who are interested.  Here is a list of all the Solar Project Posts in chronological order.  Or you can click here to bring up all Green-related posts.

  1. Going Green
  2. The Solar Project – Where It All Began
  3. The Solar Project – This Might Actually Be Possible (MA)
  4. The Solar Project – This Might Actually Be Possible (Federal & Macroeconomic)
  5. The Solar Project – Site Assessment
  6. The Solar Project – Equipment Economics
  7. The Solar Project – Financing
  8. The Solar Project – Frequently Asked Questions
  9. The Solar Project – Installation Process (with Time-Lapse Video)
  10. The Solar Project – Notes On Our Installer (Video Interview)
  11. The Solar Project – Like Peanut Butter & Jelly: PowerHouse Dynamics and Solar Power [Video Interview]
  12. 365 Sunrises
  13. Cookin’ Without Gas
  14. Cookin’ Without Gas (It’s Official)

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  1. Ben Littauer says:

    Sierra Club has a good analysis of economics of residential solar in MA. Concurs that it’s a GOOD THING in many cases:

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