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LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

In keeping with my mini LinkedIn theme in celebration of their hitting 100M, here are my own personal Top Ten LinkedIn Tips & Tricks (for newbies):

1.   Take the time to build a 100% complete profile including picture

2.   Temporarily turn off updates before updating profile so incremental updates don’t trickle out (click on Settings tab, then Profile then Status Updates; under the Personal Information heading, de-activate notice function.  Remember to reactivate it – serendipity and accidental collisions are a big part of the value of the network)

3.   Invest in your LinkedIn network as part of your daily routine – every time you meet or email or interact with someone worth keeping track of, just jot off a quick timely request to link – try to add 5 a week

4.   Don’t mass import all your contacts directly; too messy and dangerous – instead, if you feel you must make up for lost time with a mass invitation, export to intermediate spreadsheet and pare down before importing

5.   Make sure you edit every last pocket of your profile when you make changes (i.e. don’t forget top-most “headline”) so that everything matches

6.   Where possible, don’t give non-reciprocal recommendations – might as well get one back for the trouble of writing theirs

7.   Review and understand all the settings of of your account/profile so, for example, you are getting emails to a main address and you don’t accidentally do something embarrassing

8.   Explore and use Groups, but put consider setting all Groups on weekly digest mode

9.   Don’t spam groups with off-topic or frivolous posts

10.  Fiddle and learn – the power of the system is utterly amazing if you invest a tiny bit of time getting familiar with its capabilities

Bonus Tip:

11.  Make it a goal to do a quick copy-and-paste “hey it has been a while” LinkedIn “message” to 3 long-forgotten people every month – the random but relevant connections which will crop up can amaze you.

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